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Our Father, which art in heaven, we have not hallowed Thy Name, we are in a storm, Thy mournful remnant is in anguish. LORD, in wrath remember mercy.


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Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.


Once people are trained in a particular theory, they become emotionally wedded to it.


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Where are the Classmates of Yesterday?

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Where are the classmates of yesterday?
The children we knew in school . . .
Oh, what has become of the studious one?
And where oh where is the fool?

Oh, what has become of the orator . . .
Whose passion it was to recite?
And the bashful kid who could speak no piece . . .
Unless he succumbed to fright?

And what has become of the teacher’s pet . . .
Who was always so perfect and right?
And what oh what, of the tough young nut . . .
Who loved nothing more than a fight?

The studious one - - - so we’ve been told . . .
Is driving a cab these days.
While the fool owns stock in a bank or two
And a business that always pays.

The orator works in a grocery store . . .
Selling tea and rubber bands.
While the bashful kid is a Senator . . .
Proclaimed throughout all the land.

The teacher’s pet is behind bars . . .
For stealing a neighbor’s cow.
And what of the tough young nut?
Why - - - He’s a Preacher now!

Presented by: Pastor George W. Southwick